An Apple a Day…

healthy_chapHealth Benefits

The humble apple is a mighty component of a healthy, balanced diet.
Health benefits of apples include:

  • Anti-oxidants. Apples are a powerhouse in reducing cell damage from oxidative stress.
  • Rich in energy and nutrients:
    • Vitamin C and B-group vitamins,
    • Minerals: potassium, calcium, iron, zinc,
    • Low GI for long-lasting energy,
    • No fat, cholesterol or salt.
  • More dietary fibre than some breakfast cereals – helps control weight and reduce other risks.
  • Breathe Easy: Apples are high in the class of anti-oxidants thought to provide a protective benefit to lungs and breathing.

Practical and Convenient

It is easy for you and your family to get the apple advantage, especially in a modern, hectic lifestyle.

  • Convenient: No mess, unwrapping, peeling, preparation or fuss. Simply pack in the lunchbox, and eat on the go.
  • Delicious: Kids need never find out that the apples they love are also healthy.
  • Diverse: Vary your selection from the tasty range of available varieties – keep your taste-buds on their toes.